Seed Coating Polymers


Cistrocoat® Seed Coating Polymers are advanced seed coating polymers to provide protection against mechanical or environmental damage. It helps in application of fungicide treatments, seed coloring, and nutrient packages to promote better stand establishment. It imparts the aesthetics, improves flowability and avoids the loss of seed treatments during packing, transportation and planting of seeds. Cistrocoat® Seed Coating Polymer can be used in both as film coating and seed pelleting applications.


The right seed coating can play a major role in making sure every seed has the opportunity to fulfill its potential. Seed coating polymers (Patented in India) products of Cistronics are proven to provide superior performance. Growers can count on our products to maximize the profit in every seed they plant. Our seed coating polymer offers the protection, identification and appearance enhancements and can be applied in indigenous seed dressing drum or recently developed new apparatus like continuous drum coater, pan coater with simultaneous drying system or rotary systems without special modifications.

Cistrocoat® seed coating polymers are available in different colours like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Violet, Pink, white, Silver and Lucent as transparent.

Cistrocoat® XSP, Cistrocoat® SP and Cistrocoat® EP product creates shiny, pearlescent surface providing a distinct high quality look. When protecting and enhancing the value of specialty seeds is important, Cistrocoat® XSP and Cistrocoat® SP are the products of choice while Cistrocoat® EP provides cost effective seed coating. When natural aesthetic value of the seeds to be retain, Lucent product from desired finish of your choice is to be selected.

With our inventive solutions for specific seed coating polymer at Cistronics Innovations Pvt. Ltd., we fulfill customer's needs as they want. We provide the solution to our customers as per their needs and application with customized colours and after effects requirement.

Finish of Your Choice
  • Cistrocoat® XSP for extra super pearlescent finish of coating to provide a distinct extra high quality look.
  • Cistrocoat® SP to create super pearlescent finish of coating to provide a quality look.
  • Cistrocoat® EP to create cost effective pearlescent finish of coating to provide a quality look.

  • Optimizes germination rate
  • Excellent binding ability to provide elastic, non-brittle film and virtually dust-free coating.
  • Firmly encapsulate each seed individually
  • It delivers additional value to the end-user, not just additional weight but a well formed film or pellet containing pesticides, nutrient and other additives
  • Eliminates dust off and protects customers & plant employees
  • Non-tacky surface which improves plantability
  • Safe to the seed
  • Virtually any crop seeds can be coated.
  • Seed dressing equipments can be easily cleaned-up or washed off