Cistronics Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

was incorporated in 2020 with an intention to gratify the different products for agricultural industries. We are technologically innovative!, so we thrive on Nurturing Agriculture Through Innovative Research which endow us as unique value driven products manufacturer in India.
Our ambition is to produce ground-breaking agricultural products that put in value to our customers and boost the quality of life using innovative technology. We make every effort to build life-long relationships with our customers and suppliers. We are evolving a wide range of seed coating polymers, molecular sized products containing nutrients and plant metabolites based products and services through never-ending R&D.
At Cistronics Innovations Pvt. Ltd., we provide the solution to our customers as per their needs and application with customized colours and after effects requirement especially for seed coating polymer. With our inventive solutions for specific seed coating polymer and molecular sized products we fulfill customer's needs as they want. Our production plant capacity and multiple production units makes us punctual and supply of quality products with greater consistency.
We are motivated by young, self-motivated technocrats those stand for innovative ideas and realistic approach to the industry's problem. Our marketing attitude strengthens its quality product base. We are ever developing novel and better products with processes which suited the best for wide range of applications gratifying; inflexible standard, properties and eco-friendly necessities.

What we do

  • Cistrocoat® of Cistronics means seed coating or pelleting can be an efficient way to protect cereals, cotton, vegetables and virtually any crop seeds. With our polymer coatings to seeds does not reduce throughput on the machinery compared to traditional seed treatments.
  • Molecular Sized Productspresently we have established products molecular sized products with boron and other nutrients with the power of catalytic mode of action which are manufactured using novel and innovative technology. It's benefits includes increased boron content in plants resulting in increased chlorophyll content, number of leaves, total biomass, total yield, and lowered soluble and reducing sugars.
  • Other Such Productsto fulfil the need of farmers. With strong belief in quality of merchandise and the concept of continuous improvement, we are involved in developing improved molecular sized products like insect repellent, microbial resistance, mix trace, micro and macronutirents etc.