Seed Coating Polymers

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Mix Nano Nutrients, Insect and Microbial Resistance

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Plant Nutrition

Plants require certain essential nutrients for normal functioning and growth. Nutrient levels outside the amount required for normal functioning and growth may cause overall crop growth and health to decline due to either a deficiency or toxicity. Nutrient deficiency occurs when an essential nutrient is not available in sufficient quantity to meet the requirements of a growing plant. Toxicity occurs when a nutrient is in excess of plant needs and decreases plant growth or quality.

We are evolving a wide range of nano-nutrients through never-ending R&D and nanotechnology patented in USA. Compared to the conventional nutrients and fertilizers, all of which are on the macro scale on the order of micrometers, the nano-nutrients are on the order of nanometers.
It can deliver nutrient into plants, and smart uptake by a non-mediated transport through the plasma membrane into the cell. Exhibits no phytotoxicity. Particle size of nutrients is on the order of nanometers hence low dose of application.
Seeds are the delivery systemsin agriculture. High quality seed leads to excellent seedling performance in the field and therefore it is the only basis of successful companies that breed crop plants for seed production. Development of higher value seeds mean there are added benefits in maintaining the health of the seed as it is stored, transported, and germinated. In cultivation of crops, management from sowing to germination is extremely important.
seed technologieslike seed enhancements and seed treatments include priming, pelleting, coating, artificial seeds, and other novel seed treatment methods of applied seed biology are some important methods to enhance seed and seedling performance, through addition of chemicals to protect the seed from pathogens and or to improve germination.
Seed Coating Polymers
(Patented in India)
The right seed coating can play a major role in making sure every seed has the opportunity to fulfill its potential. Cistrocoat® Seed Coating Polymers are proven to provide superior performance. Growers can count on our products to maximize the profit in every seed they plant. More info